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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Packaging

The first thing a customer sees when they have your product is the packaging. The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not applicable for products because customers often critique a brand based on its product packaging. If your packaging is premium, customers are more likely to associate your brand and products with quality. It’s a plus point when your customer keeps your packaging after they have consumed your product. It only means that your packaging is excellent and efficient for second use. 

Packaging as Marketing

Your business packaging will also serve as your marketing strategy. Today, customers often share images of attractive and unique packaging on social media. It’s absolutely an excellent free marketing tool to boost your brand awareness. Word of mouth is a powerful influence; if your customer posted your product and recommended it to their friends and family, wait and see a significant increase in your sales! 

If you want to level up your marketing efforts and sales, start with your product packaging. Here are some of the things you must consider when choosing the proper packaging for your product to increase your sales and catch your customers’ attention: 

1. Think About Your Audience

A great packaging must be well thought out, which means that you have carefully considered your consumers’ preferences, interests, and expectations. You must always think about your customers first before changing anything on your product or brand because their insight is valuable for you to make a successful packaging. Getting your customers’ insights through surveys and digging into your customers’ data can help you meet their preferences and interests. 

2. Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

Your brand’s personality must be evident in your packaging. Your customer must recognize that the product came from your brand, so your packaging must have a unique identity. As a business owner, your goal is to make your product stand out among your competitors in the market by having a cohesive brand identity through your packaging.

3. Align Your Packaging with Your Product

It is essential to consider your product offering so you can make sense of your packaging. Of course, different products have appropriate packaging material. For example, snacks must be in resealable pouches while paste-type products must be in tubes. The type of packaging you have can also help your consumers quickly identify what your brand is selling. It is also crucial to choose a packaging that can protect your product’s form so that it’s still in optimal condition upon receipt.

4. Estimate Your Budget

When costing your product packaging, you should not only consider the material. You should also allocate some budget for the cost of the designer services, packaging production, and product distribution. This way, you can have the best quality packaging because you’ve prepared your budget wisely. You can choose quality materials that can fit your budget, and you can even earn discounts when you buy in bulk. 


Before you choose a specific type of packaging for your product, consider these factors first to see an increase in sales and create an excellent first impression. Ensure that you provide your customer with great packaging because this will also serve as your direct contact with them. If they notice that you give value to your packaging, chances are they will also think that you offer a valuable and high-quality product.

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