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Our List of Impressive Takeaway Boxes and Bags for Your Wedding

There is a wave of elements you need to consider when you’re planning a wedding. From big things like your venue to the tiniest things like your wedding favors, all of these shape one of the most important days of your life. With that being said, you can’t sleep on the smallest details and that includes your wedding boxes plus bags. 

After deciding on your centerpieces, menu, and program, you need to start working on your wedding favors. If you’re looking for a heartfelt way to say thank you to your guests, a wedding favor is an ultimate gift. Besides that, it’s great memorabilia for you and your loved ones with whom you shared this momentous milestone.  

From jars to tins, bags to boxes, here are some unique wedding gift boxes and bags ideas to make your wedding favors extra special. Let’s take a look!

For Function and Style

  • Drawstring Bags are the perfect wedding favor container if you’re looking for functional pieces your guests can use even after the wedding. Drawstring allows you to hold as many items as possible while allowing you to take them everywhere you go. Spread this on your dessert table and have your guests grab one as they please. 
  • Suitcase Boxes are great for travelers. With a suitcase-inspired wedding favor, you’ll get to share and display your adventures with your guests, and when they take it home, they can use the same box for their own memorabilia as well. This type of wedding gift box is perfect for destination weddings, so it’s best to consider this option.
  • Mini Mason Jars are the ultimate style and functional containers for wedding favors. As your wedding favor, you can put in some snacks or little trinkets that symbolize this memorable day, and when your guests take it home, they can also use the jars for necessities. Look at that — you just gave your guests a fantastic storage option!

For Uniqueness and Fun

  • Carousel Container Boxes are perfect if you have a whimsical theme for your wedding. It’s big enough to hold a bunch of goodies and treats but small enough for you to take around. And the great thing about this is you can customize them with your own photo or design. Think out of the box and inject more fun into your wedding with a carousel container.
  • Treasure Chest Boxes are another fun wedding gift box idea that can surely impress your guests. These boxes are perfect for weddings by the sea, and they’ll make your guests extremely happy when they find interesting trinkets inside!
  • Test Tubes are great containers if you want to put in some delicate treats and colorful favors. Besides it being a unique way to display your wedding favors, it’s also a unique spin on the typical wedding box or bag.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Sleep on Your Wedding Favors

One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests is by giving them wedding favors. However, you need to impress them with the type of wedding gift box or bag you choose. Whether you’re up for something whimsical or if you want functional storage options, there are a plethora of containers to choose from!

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